Kenya: Citizens 'Tweet' Their Budget Views

Digital Content

Kenyans for the first time in line with the new Constitution presented their views on the Budget through social media.

Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta, in efforts to meet the requisite civic participation required by law, requested inputs on the Budget through Facebook and Twitter. Treasury received 3,000 submission through Twitter, Facebook, emails and blogs.

On his twitter account (@UKenyatta), the minister tweeted: "Morning guys - I'd really like to have your input on the 2011-2012 budget. What are your priorities? Suggestions? Ideas?" On his Facebook fan page, the minister requested Kenyans to send in their ideas and suggestions on the Budget through a Google Document Form that was embedded on the page. The process ran between May 6 and 13, in which Treasury technocrats received numerous suggestions.

"I took the liberty to include the growing number of tech savvy Kenyans who are active on social media through an online suggestions form and a Facebook and Twitter campaign on my official pages," Kenyatta said last week.