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Site Acquisition Specialist - Responsible for identifying, surveying, leasing, and zoning wireless telecommunications sites, ensuring the timely acquisition of signed leases and site acquisition complete in the quantity and at the rate required by the client contract.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

* Direct and oversee new tower lease acquisitions and tower lease amendments required for telecommunications installations.

* Oversee market collocation leasing operations, ensure that assignment and scheduling of work follows timeline, evaluate current procedures and recommend changes to improve efficiency of planning and scheduling of projects.

* May serve as a point of contact for the community and/or government agencies. May be involved in managing zoning regulations.

* Prepare or oversee preparation of tower company collocation applications

* Assist or oversee completion of Zoning and Permit applications for submittal to jurisdictions and coordinate the zoning process with outside counsel and vendors.

* Work directly with Site Acquisition Manager and/or other site acquisition and construction personnel to provide site acquisition expertise in all aspects of project.

* Quality control, data entry and tracking of Site Candidate Packages, tower lease and amendments and other Site Acquisition documentation.

* Coordinate, schedule and track site visits and technical team visits with various departments

* Coordinate, order and track title, environmental reports, structural analysis, regulatory reports, lease exhibits and construction plans and drawings as required.

* Must be able to read and interpret surveys and construction drawings.

* Obtain Landlord approval on Construction Drawings and zoning/permit applications

* Prepare and update site status reports/databases, site close-out packages, and attend client meetings or deployment calls as required.

* Assist Management in tracking and reporting site acquisition self—perform revenue/market credit and preparation of client billing.


* Legal Background Strongly Preferred.

* Strongly prefer knowledge of site acquisition processes and tower leasing.

* Associated Degree or equivalent experience in acquisition of new tower co-location leases and tower lease amendments required for leasing, permitting and zoning of new sites and site modification projects.

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Excellent computer/reporting skills, including a high level of proficiency with MS Excel and other database/project management tracking tools.

* Highly organized and able to multi-task and work effectively with limited supervision with tight deadlines and high volume of projects.

* Highly motivated “self-starter" able to work under aggressive project schedules.
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