Internet News - In Brief


- In South Africa, Vodacom leads the way among mobile operators with seven live fibre rings, and another four to go live before July. At a national level, Neotel, MTN and Vodacom have partnered to build a 5,000km national fibre network. The first leg of this network, which will connect Johannesburg and Durban, will be operational later this year.

- A new search engine powered by Data Business Solutions is due to be launched in 2009. The search engine dubbed will address the needs of enterprises and individuals, will deliver real time fast and accurate data to companies. The engine which also boasts a large data base, will provide enterprises with the possibility to promote their products and brand names.

- ND SatCom, an SES ASTRA company, received a 2-year frame contract from Q-KON, a leading service provider based in South Africa, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The contract was achieved in close cooperation with ND SatCom’s sister company SES ASTRA Africa.

- Egyptian police have detained a Muslim Brotherhood blogger who backed calls for a national day of protests against the government, security sources said on Sunday. Police arrested Abdel Rahman Fares, 25, in the province of Fayoum, southwest of Cairo, while he was handing out flyers calling for the protests.

- South Africa’s Department of Communications (DOC) welcomes any input from private organisations on the development of a national broadband strategy but only once it has produced its own strategy, already several years in the making. The DoC was responding to a national framework for broadband development drawn up by the National Broadband Forum. It is made up of the Association for Progressive Communications, SA Connect, the Shuttleworth Foundation and the Southern African NGO Network.

- Tunisia’s number of subscribers to ADSL reached 212,500 in 2008, 46% of them are using bandwidth exceeding 512 kilobytes/second, compared with 114,200 in 2007, i.e. a 86% rise. The number of subscribers making use of bandwidth exceeding 1 Megabyte reached 36,000 by the end of last year, compared with 7,800 in 2007. The number of web-sites reached 6,467 at the end of 2008, compared with 5,796 in 2007, i.e. a 12% rise.