Computer News - In Brief


- While listing conditions for deploying a robust e-voting machine for 2011 general elections, the independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) in partnership with the Nigerian Computer Society, (NCS) have expressed fears, saying that bureaucratic bottleneck may derail the adoption e-voting machine for the electoral process.

- A fourth regional centre of information and communication technologies (ICTs) will be soon created , declared Hamid Bessalah, Minister of Postal Services and ICTs. Algeria has currently three regional centres in Algiers, Oran and Annaba, and a fourth similar structure is to be set up in the southern region of the country, the minister told a working session on the e-Algérie-2013 strategy, which brought together the sector's executives and the province's directors.

- Tunisia’s Communication Technologies Minister El Hadj Gley announced, during a news conference held in Tunis, that the information and communication technologies (ICTs) sector recorded a 17.8% growth rate in 2008, bringing its contribution to GDP up to 10%, compared with 9% in 2007.