Rwanda: TTCS to Be Connected to the Internet


At least 11 Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) across the country have been connected to the Internet.

The USAID funded program was implemented by the Rwanda Education Commons (REC) under the Ministry of Education.The launching ceremony took place Tuesday at Zaza TTC, presided over by the Minister of Education, Damien Habumuremyi.

The Minister observed that internet connectivity and general use of ICT strengthens education while inspiring research and innovation.

He added that all schools would similarly be connected in the near future.

"This is just a pilot project...all schools will enjoy access to internet in engaging all educational activities. It further makes our students competitive in the global job market," he said.

Habamuremyi, who later inspected the school's laboratories, requested teachers to show responsibility by properly maintaining the equipment.

"It is shameful to see how teachers are keeping laboratory tools. Dust all undermines whatever they claim to be doing," he said.

Professor George Njoroge, the Rector of Kigali Institute of Education (KIE), noted that connecting the schools to the internet was an important added component.

He said the connection should expand the reach of new information to teachers and ease their research efforts.

"ICT and internet connection is an additional thing that demands training of teachers in the field. It can't be left to the know, most of our learners and teachers just use it for writing e-mails. Internet in schools means research and study, so this will be our concern," he said.

Students however, challenged the authorities to increase teachers' salaries as a motivation.

Theoneste Murangwa, a Senior Four student said that many students shun TTCs because teachers receive meagre salaries.

"Our brothers and sisters, say the salary is very meagre. So, what is the government doing to motivate us teachers in making?" he asked.

Zaza TTC was the first school in Rwanda to start training Primary school teachers in Rwanda in 1940.