Computer News - In Brief


- The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) has announced moves to acquire the 3 Dimensional, 3D, Geological Modeling to tackle the incidences of collapsing buildings as well undertake other geological events in the country.

- Kenyan MPs who make technical appearances in Parliament will now be caught and exposed following plans to launch a multimedia system that will facilitate a roll call. The gadget is part of a modern IT system which will also be used for electronic voting in the National Assembly.

- Facts emerged that President Goodluck Jonathan has approved the creation of the Ministry of Information Technology ( IT).

- Lenovo considers Africa to be the emerging market that will generate the most sizeable proportion of its future growth. In part, that is because many of the 900 million people on the continent have a voracious appetite for technology, in the belief that it is a crucial tool for development. There are, therefore, millions of first time buyers looking for products that are rugged and reliable. Lenovo is seen as such a brand.

- Zinox Computers has launched examinations preparatory computers as a platform to assist Nigerian students in tertiary institutions to perform well in their academics.