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The opportunity: An open innovation competition

Technology can do amazing things: It can change the way we live, how we do business, how we interact with the world and with each other.

Technological innovation could transform the way your organization is perceived and how it communicates. This is your chance to learn how social media and new technologies can help your organisation to achieve its aims more efficiently, and engage its stakeholders more effectively.

World 2011’s open innovation competition will connect you to digital talent. Together, through a guided process of collaboration, you will develop new connected products to help your organization achieve its aims more effectively, raise the brand visibility and engage wider audiences.

ITU Telecom World 2011

ITU Telecom World is 40 years old this year and to celebrate, there are some changes in the style and the format of the event.

Connecting more global citizens will offer considerable commercial and social opportunities. From 24-27 October, thousands of influential private and public sector players will congregate in Geneva to make sure the right frameworks are in place to connect the world.

World 2011 will provide a neutral platform for a global dynamic debate that will encompass a diverse range of global stakeholders.

This debate would not be complete without digital innovators. World 2011 will deliver competitions designed to help organizations like yours to use connected technologies in innovative ways to make the world a better place.

 How does it work?
Are you working for a NFP that is attempted to alleviate issues relevant to the UN's Millennium Development Goals:
• alleviating poverty and hunger (including smart agriculture)
• improving education for all
• addressing gender inequality
• access to health care
• environmental sustainability
....or  addressing universal accessibility challenges?

If so, you could benefit from this opportunity.
The competition will run on the new World 2011 web platform, please click here to view:

We will help you identify a core challenge and write your brief. The brief will be posted online and digital talent will be invited to submit seed responses. We will filter talent and engage you in the selection process. You and your selected developer will attend a training workshop where you will meet and learn from other NFPs and their partner developers. Through a process of pitching and peer feedback, ideas will become prototypes for products that answer your identified need.