Telecoms News - In Brief


- Cellcom, has introduced a life insurance policy. Under the policy, the statement said, subscribers would get a chance to get free life insurance coverage. “CelLife’s coverage affords our subscribers to “plan ahead for the end”. “Scratch at least five dollars Cellcom Scratch Card every month. Talk to your relatives, friends, and business associates; send them a text message and have a “peace of mind” knowing that with each telephone call – with each text message using Cellcom GSM Network – you are protecting your love ones,” the statement said.

- Helios Towers Africa has been granted the first licence by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority to independently operate a network of telecom towers in the country. The news also confirms the completion of Tanzania's first tower sharing leaseback deal. Helios Towers Africa purchased 1,180 telecoms towers from Tigo Tanzania in December 2010.

- Vodacom will be helping with the relief effort for Somalia. According to the UN, more than 3.7 million people in Somalia – around a third of the population – are on the brink of starvation. In response, South African mobile operator Vodacom has launched a donor relief campaign that enables its customers to donate via SMS. The campaign, called Relief for Somalia, is part of Vodacom’s aim to use mobile phones for good and is aimed at raising funds for hunger-stricken Somali’s who are in desperate need of water and food relief. Vodacom customers can donate up to R200 in multiples of R5, via the SMS line 38207.