Zambia: Africonnect Seeks to Change ICT Sector


Internet service provider (ISP), Africonnect has said it will help revolutionalise the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Zambia by introducing latest and innovative technological facilities on the market.

Company managing director, Mark Bennett said the company was committed to introducing modern technological developments in the ICT sector.

As a way of tremendously increasing the market penetration in the country, the internet service provider availed the latest quality computers on a micro-financed basis from six to 12 months as part of the pay-as-you-go internet package.

"Designed for surfing, email, and casual computing, a notebook is perfect for those who require internet connectivity on the go and allows people access to all the benefits of the internet such as education, health, and business information," Mr Bennett said. The company has partnered with Google and leading video sharing website, YouTube to host the internet'giants' local cache operations.

"This partnership with Google and YouTube shows the level of confidence the international ICT sector has in Africonnect, a situation which will further enhance Zambia's internet connectivity to the world," he said.

Mr Bennett said with its integration into the Vodacom Group, Africonnect continued to register growth.

This is evidenced by the introduction of innovative services and products including the newly launched international service for corporate clients.

"Currently, we are the only ISP to have triple fibre routes out of Zambia after launching our direct fibre link to South Africa which is currently being heavily used and has increased internet connectivity for both our individual and business customers.

"Further, the pay-as you-go service which we launched recently is available to both household and business users with no limit to the number of computers you can connect to," Mr Bennett said.