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Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

- The government of Niger is looking for a new buyer for state-owned telco Sonitel, after a deal to sell a stake in the company to Libya’s LAP Green Network was scrapped earlier this year. Reuters cites Niger’s Communications Minister Salifou Labo Bouche as saying that potential buyers for the telco could be either a new entrant or a company already established in the local telecoms market. The country has become something of a telecoms hotspot in recent years, with Bharti Airtel, France Telecom and Atlantique Telecom all operating there.

- Rights of Telecom Employees threatened in Nigeria according the AMWTEN
The Association of Mobile and Fixed Wireless Telecommunications Employees’ of Nigeria has issued a press release outlining their concerns about worsening working conditions for telecom employees and changes in their terms of employment. They also draw attention to restrictions placed on employees joining a union.

- Banque Populaire du Rwanda, a commercial bank hailed as a market leader within the mobile banking sector has enlisted 80,000 new clients after a one-week promotional campaign targeting rural dwellers.

- The SADC is looking to South African manufacturers to fill the need for about 30 million set-top boxes, says communications minister Roy Padayachie.