Tunisie Telecom rolls-out blazing 3G mobile services


Tunisie Telecom is rolling out new 3G mobile services in the region. The new service will provide faster data transmission speeds and advanced multimedia access. The new 3G services will cover about 40% of the country. According to Tunisie Telecom, the 3G service will cover 80% of the country by the end of 2011 and the entire country by 2012.

Tunisia’s three mobile service providers Tunisie Telecom, Orange and Tunisiana are preparing to compete over the 3G market with the launch of new smartphones in the country. Orange has already introduced the iPhone 4 to its customers after it received a license to operate 3G services in Tunisia.

Orange reportedly paid 116 million dinars (about USD $1.6 million), the same amount that Etisalat Tunisia paid, in order to acquire their mobile license. The third mobile company, Tunisiana, is in the midst of upgrading its network to cater for 3G services.