Kenya: Schools to Share Textbooks Online


A computer-based system that will enable teachers and students to share textbooks online was launched in Nairobi. Connecting 1,050 schools to a data centre at the Kenya Science Teachers campus in Nairobi, the system will offer past examination papers, textbooks and study guides. The centre initially links up four schools in every district via Internet. Click here to view.

Launching the centre, Education minister Sam Ongeri said the network would create equality as all schools in the country will access similar educational materials. "It will also raise the level of computer use in teaching and learning," said Prof Ongeri.

Each of the 1,050 schools will act as "champions of technology" in their areas. They have been supplied with computers, uninterrupted power supply and Internet connectivity. In areas with no electricity, the government provided solar panels.

"Recognising the needs of both students and teachers, continuous innovation and improvement will be done," Prof Ongeri said.

To achieve this, the centre will work closely with specialised institutions like the Kenya Institute of Education and Kenya Education Staff Institute.

Officials said the centre would collaborate with universities, among others, to ensure research in technology helps teaching and learning in schools.

Mr Isaac Kinyanjui of Starehe Boys said the use of technology in schools was important as it involved the students in learning and teaching. This is a government-Belgium-Japan project.