Ghana among top 10 countries to rule Africa’s ICT sector in next five years says new survey


Ghana is set to be a major player in the African ICT sector in the next five years, a survey conducted by the Africa Business Panel (ABP) shows.

The survey ranks Ghana at number 4 on the continent to achieve this feat in the coming years. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya were ranked number 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

The survey conducted among 800 business professionals involved with Africa shows that these “three countries were earmarked as the continent’s favourites when it comes to the future of the ICT sector – Ghana, Egypt, Rwanda, Botswana, Angola, Uganda and Zimbabwe follow and complete the top ten countries out of 53 economies on the African continent.”

“Virtually all African economies show promising year-on-year growth. This is attracting the attention of the international investor community who increasingly see Africa as ‘the last frontier’ for attractive growth opportunities,” ABP said in a statement issued in Amsterdam.