Nokia smartphones users get free traffic service in South Africa

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A live traffic service is coming to South African Nokia smartphone users with the latest Nokia Maps update
Nokia South Africa has launched the latest update to Nokia Maps which includes a real-time traffic service provided by their subsidiary Navteq.

According to Nokia, their live traffic service includes updates on congestion, road closures, road works and other traffic incidents by colour-coding roads as red, amber or green depending on traffic flow.
Nokia Maps comes pre-loaded on all Nokia smartphones, and provide free turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. The traffic service is available on all touch Symbian smartphones.

Navteq provides the traffic data from commercial and government partners, as well as by crowd sourcing the information from its users. With crowd-sourcing, the more people that use the service, the more accurate it will get, Nokia said.

Nokia said that their maps are the most accurate in South Africa and has 100% coverage of the road network (554 239 km), with speed limits for major roads and lane guidance for all motorways. Walk navigation is available for Cape Town and Johannesburg.