Nigeria: Pinet Informatics’ Ajayi lays out a broadband promotion strategy


The former President of the Nigerian Internet Group and CEO of Pinet Informatics,  Lanre Ajayi, has said for Nigerian broadband equation to be balanced, the rate of consumption must match the rate at which infrastructure is rolled out.

Ajayi stated this while delivering a paper on strategies Nigeria must adopt to promote broadband in Nigeria at a stakeholder conference held by the Nigerian Satellite Communications Ltd ( NIGCOMSAT). He stressed that to achieve broadband equation, there was the need to stimulate demand for broadband Internet in the county.

Ajayi also called for the delineation of responsibilities between NCC and NITDA. He said NCC should be made to focus on broadband capacity supply that would create the right environment for operators to rollout network, while NITDA should be made to focus on stimulating broadband demand, by promoting and facilitating eGovernment and eBusiness at all levels.

He added that to promote eGovernment, forms of all government (local, state, federal) must be available online. All payments to government (which are less that certain threshold, say N150,000) should also be paid online, while all public records and documents must be made available online (such that they are accessible by authorized users).

He added that there were a number of businesses that could make their services available online immediately given the necessary incentives and awareness. These include insurance - paying premium online, commerce - selling goods and services online e.g. cars, books, electronics, dresses, recruitment - online jobs portals, properties sales and letting, amongst others.