Internet News - In Brief


- South Sudan has announced that it has been assigned '.ss' as its internet domain code and 'SSD' as the alpha-3 numeric code.

- Accountants in Uganda have a chance to learn the latest developments in the accounting profession following the creation of an online information exchange platform by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACC). The association launched the Online Research and Insights Conference last week giving a chance to over 6,000 finance professionals to acquire a wealth of relevant information.

- Africans can soon look forward to having its own online space, with plans firmly afoot to introduce a continental .africa generic Top Level Domain name by 2013. This is according to the African Registry Consortium (ARC), a pan-African consortium that aims to administer the .africa domain by Africa and for Africa. Regions like Asia and Europe already making use of similar domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN)will have the final say in who administers the domain.

- Uganda’s Government has launched of a new web portal, Uganda Goes Online (UGO). The portal hosts links to websites of all major service providers in the country, with RSS feeds of news from various sources, both local and international.