Kenya unwraps multi-million data centre


Kenya Data Network  (KDN) has unveiled a multimillion-dollar state-of-the art data center to be used for hosting data and software applications.

Speaking at the launch this week, KDN Chief Executive Officer Rikus Matthyser said the Data Center, now ready for occupation, is a unique facility offering reliability and convenience for corporate clients and financial institutions looking for international standard facilities.

“This Data Center is testament to our commitment to provide world class services in the field of ICT in this part of the World.  The unique facility will enable our clients achieve their business objectives while cutting down on their overheads in telecommunications and data storage infrastructure,” said Matthyser.

“As KDN, we are committed to providing convenient service through innovative products in telecoms in the region and are looking to develop our clients’ efficiency.  The center is a facility set up to provide physical environment that will ensure the day-to-day running of various communication equipment and application systems with a main objective of ensuring availability levels meet clients expectations at an affordable costs,” he added.

He said the center was designed with a typical KDN customer in mind and offers world-class services while guaranteeing safety of the data stored in it.

It is proposed that the data centre, located at Sameer Park off Mombasa road, will host applications to serve international and local businesses.
It is expected that the centre will relieve the region from the task of seeking back-up services in Europe and America.

Breaking ground for the Sh600 million (about $US 6.4 million) centre in December 2009 Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga said government was keen to make Kenya a green economy by 2020.

The solar powered energy data centre will serve Kenya and other African countries willing to safeguard essential data under a secure environment.
 Technology employed in building the centre will ensure the structure can withstand even a bomb attack.

The centre is classified at security level seven, which is the highest in the world and similar to that of the United Nations and top intelligence agencies across the world where secure data is vital.
ICT experts say many companies spend between two to four per cent of their budget on disaster recovery planning.

Completion of the data storage facility is therefore expected to save the companies from losses and damage resulting from interruptions of their infrastructure and data. 
KDN partnered with Teldor Cables and Systems to supply and deploy a fibre optic network to be used in the new data centre.

Matthyser said that the center is targeted at a global market focusing mainly on offering of hosting services to clients in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.