The OLPC Programme Will Breed the IT Expertise that Rwanda Needs.


With this new approach to learning, the children will become more creative and innovative as the laptops help enhance what they are taught in schools in a more practical way.

The country has invested a lot in technology, as evidenced by the completion of the laying of the fiber optic.

According to the OLPC programme coordinator, Rwanda targets to have half a million laptops in primary schools across the country.

The benefits of such an investment may not be in the short term, however, by starting to impart technology skills to the children at a young age, they will grow to become the future IT experts.

Various sectors including health, banking, transport, infrastructure, telecommunication and local government are adopting modern technology into their daily operations. The country has, in the past, relied on foreign expertise to develop, run and maintain these systems.

But, with programmes like the OLPC, the will be a vast human resource base that is technologically advanced to foster the much needed expertise to propel the country to greater heights.