On the Money News - In Brief

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

- According to Reuters, London based telecoms company, Eaton Towers, has secured a $150 million private funding from the Capital International Private Equity Funds to enable the company to roll out services to remote areas more cheaply.  In 2010, the company started managing the towers of Vodafone Ghana after signing a ten-year telecom tower outsourcing agreement with Vodafone Ghana.

- Ericsson Ghana has opened a Regional Support Center (RSC) in Ghana to deliver more efficient network services to operators of the telecom industry in the sub-Sahara region in Africa. The regional support centre, which is first of its kind on the continent, would be serving major players in the telecommunication industry in 43 countries across sub-Sahara Africa. The rapid development and evolution of the telecoms industry across sub-Saharan Africa means high demand for a wide range of support services.