Internet News - In Brief


- Mauritius has reportedly cut its international bandwidth tariffs from 36% to 22%, depending on the bandwidth used and the proposed destination, IDG News Service reports. The country’s telecoms regulator, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), approved the move at the end of 2008 and Mauritius Telecom applied the new rates from 1 January 2009. It is understood the reductions bring down the monthly cost of a 2Mbps international private leased circuit (IPLC) from Mauritius to Paris from USD6,300 to USD4,900, significantly cheaper than the USD12,600 fee levied in 2003.

- The Zambia Telecommunications Limited (Zamtel), the country’s incumbent telecoms provider, has completed the installation of 1,500km of fibre-optic cable, according to the Lusaka Times. The installation is part of a larger project that will see the telco install approximately 4,000km of fibre-optic cable across the country.

- In its effort to commence full remote trading, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) said it hope to complete its system upgrade by first quarter 2009 which will aid Internet trading.

- The Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC) has finalised plans to have examination results displayed online for easy access by both students and administrators.The examinations body has also reached a deal with MTN Rwanda, a mobile telecom company to avail examination results to students and school heads by SMS.

- Duxbury Networking has been appointed as the master distributor of Alvarion products in Southern Africa.