Nigeria: Starcomms Unveils Trans-Network Migration Service

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STARCOMMSPIc has introduced a value added service that will help its new customers who are migrating from other networks to notify their old contacts automatically about their new Starcomms number. Tagged 'I don move' the service enables Starcomms customers to receive calls made to their old numbers by their contacts with their Starcomms phones, while at the same time sending information to the callers that the customer now has a new number.

The idea is to ensure that the customer does not lose valuable contacts or miss important calls as a result of their migration to the Starcomms network. To migrate to the new package, the customer has to maintain the old network alongside their Starcomms phones for a limited period of time after migration, during which all calls made to their old number are handled by Starcomms.

Unveiling the service in Lagos, Starcomms CEO, Logan Pather, said: "Lately we have been inundated with enquiries by our new customers on their concern about their old contacts who may not yet know that they have new Starcomms numbers. We therefore devised a method for them that will eliminate the stress of manually notifying them of change of number. We believe this will go a long way in making their experience with Starcomms unique and satisfactory. Customer service is one of the hallmarks of our business."

To use this service, the new Starcomms customer will need to register by sending SMS: "reg+space+old number" to a short code: 31131. Once the registration is done, the customer will be informed about "I don move' and will be instructed to do a call divert/forward to a Starcomms magic number (07028422222).

The subscription for "I don move" is valid for one month at time and it is free of charge. After the first subscription, the customer can re-subscribe for the service so that if there are still some contacts that are yet to get the notifications. Each subscriber is entitled to only one SMS in a day.

Similarly, Starcomms has also launched a new internet modem called IZAP Plus for enhanced data services. The company said that the latest release of EVDO known as Rev B, allows increased broadband data rates, improved network efficiencies reliability and high speed internet access for residential and business users.

Also, with IZAP -Plus, users are said to be able to achieve higher data rates with download speeds of up to 9.3 mega bits per second (mbps) and upload speeds of up to 5.4 mbps per second. This service offers the best broadband access and delivers existing applications more efficiently and is very easy to use.

Chief Executive Officer of Starcomms, Mr. Logan Pather, said the introduction IZAP Plus was aimed at providing an improved broadband experience to all Starcomms customers. According to him, the IZAP -Plus will first be deployed in Lagos and subsequently then roll out to the other parts of the country. The product, he said is targeted at consumers who are looking for the best and consistent service.