Minafet Launches New E-Government Web Portal in Rwanda

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The ministry of foreign affairs last week presented its new web portal, in line with the e-Government program. Rosemary Museminali, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, said that the portal, which was elaborated in conjunction with Rwanda Development Board/Rwanda Information Technology Agency, is in line with the government's Vision 2020 that intends to turn Rwanda into a knowledge- based economy.

"We feel that we at the ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation have born the first fruit of this technology," the Minister said, adding that the portal will enable the ministry to become more efficient, be much more connected to the world and advance the country's main pillars and policies which are mainly to promote peace and security in the world.

She added that the technology would help the ministry achieve its goals, mission and promote its vision to the rest of the world.

Romain Murenzi Minister in the president's office in charge of science, technology, scientific research and ICT, said that the portal is a good example of the kind of ICT solutions the government wants to promote.

"What is being done with MINAFFET should be applied to all ministries. The idea should be the same and link all ministries and different institutions to the different sectors and people that they serve," the Minister remarked.

According to Romain Murenzi, the usefulness of such portals will further be realized once the fiber optic infrastructure is completed in December 2009. This, he said, will ensure Internet access throughout the country, which will be especially benefit students whose research will be facilitated.

The deputy CEO of RDB/RITA, Nkubito Bakuramutsi, described the portal as a means though which the ministry of foreign Affairs and cooperation will provide significant information about the Rwanda to the rest of the world, which is significant in the realization of the country's Vision 2020.

The portal, set up by the local Rwandan ICT company Perspective Multimedia Solutions, will enable MINAFFET and Rwanda's diplomatic missions abroad to disseminate information under one portal to people from all walks of life seeking information about the country. It will link 19 diplomatic missions and all the ministries in the country to the ministry of foreign affairs and also to the rest of the world.

The portal was made possible in part due to a grant from the World Bank for the implementation of the e-Government strategy. It was provided under the e-Rwanda project which became effective in June 2007 and is being implemented by RITA. It is intended to have a big impact on good governance and improved conditions for the country's citizens who live in the rural areas, including women, farmers and traders.

In light of this, the e-Rwanda project had committed funds to assist the MINAFET in developing and upgrading the Ministry's websites for all the embassies of the government of Rwanda.

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