Nigeria: NCC - Number Portability Ready in Six Months


Nigerian telephone subscribers will be able to move from one network to another without losing their numbers as number portability starts from the first quarter of 2012, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said.

Number portability allows subscribers to move to alternate networks when they no longer enjoy quality of services from their current operators, or when they are no longer happy with the tariffs offered by them and still retain their original numbers irrespective of the new network they moved to.

NCC said in a statement by its Head of Media and Publicity Reuben Muoka that a consortium of Interconnect/Saab Grintek/Telecordia would be providing the number portability service for Nigerians phone users six months from now.

NCC said the company will be responsible for the set up and implementation of number portability clearing house in Nigeria, and provide mobile number portability solution administration in Nigeria within six months of receiving the license with a testing period of two months.