Ghana: Glo to launch on ‘aggressive’ note before close of 2011


Glomile Ghana will launch its 023 mobile services in Ghana before the close of this year, and it would do so on an 'aggressive' note.

Group Chief Operations Manager, Mohammed Jameel told journalists “we know Ghanaians have been waiting for us, we have crossed a number of mile stones and we are ready to launch before the close of 2011.

“We will be aggressive – we will be unique – we will be very competitive in pricing – we will be superior in terms of products and service and be present in all the key cities of Ghana at our launch,” he said.

Jameel made the announcement at a press conference to officially introduce Mr. George Kwadwo Andah as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Glomobile Ghana.

Jameel said Glo had installed enough equipment and brought the most modern mobile and internet technology to Ghana to ensure that Ghanaians would be proud of Glo and say “it was worth the long wait for Glo”.

He said from Ghana, Glo would expand to other African countries providing services in gateway, submarine cable and mobile, adding that Glo had the technology and expertise to ensure its products and services were second to none.

Adom News is reliably informed that one of the reasons Glo had delayed was because they had wanted to install enough equipment and infrastructure to start from almost 100% coverage. New COO, Mr. George Andah confirmed this by saying “we want to ensure that from the day we launch every Ghanaian can stand anywhere in Ghana and be able to make a call on the Glo network.”

"We will do test runs this month and do a full commercial launch later this year," he said.

Glo mobile missed an August 2011 deadline to have covered at least 50% of Ghana as per its licensing requirement. Government then gave Glo up to September 15, 2011, but that was also missed.

The company is not revealing any dates, but unconfirmed information say the launch is slated for November 3, 2011.

Meanwhile Glo has already launched Africa's first fully privately-owned 9,800km long submarine fibre optic cable with landing stations in Ghana, and other countries in West Africa.

It has already started commercial service on Glo One for a number of corporate clients in Ghana. Glo Mobile would launch on 023 prefix as the 6th mobile operator, and 5th GSM operator in Ghana.