Kenya sees bandwidth surge

Digital Content

Kenya's available international bandwidth increased 25-fold between March and June this year, leaving the country using less than 1% of it, according to new figures from the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK).

Kenya's available bandwidth increased to 5 137 237.12Mbps in the second quarter of 2011, but is as yet barely utilised, the commission reported. This is despite the fact that Internet subscriptions rose by 10.9%, from 3.84 million to 4.25 million, over the same three months, with the total number of Internet users rising by 13.6%, to 12.53 million.

About 31.8% of the Kenyan population are now able to access the Internet.
The increased available bandwidth is the result of the arrival in Kenya of the 10 000km Eassy fibre-optic cable, which links SA with eight southern and eastern African countries. The cable is the third of its kind in Kenya, joining Seacom and Teams, but offers by far the greatest bandwidth capacity. Its arrival means there is now sizeable bandwidth available for overseas investors in Kenya's technological market, which is emerging as a regional hub.