Broadband speeds: SA versus the world


South Africa’s broadband speeds are still lagging behind the global average South Africa’s average broadband speed of 2.84Mbps is still significantly lower than the global average of 9.18Mbps. South Africa is ranked 103rd in the world when it comes to broadband speeds.

South Africa’s average download speed of 2.84Mbps is also slower than a few other African countries like Ghana (7.62Mbps), Kenya (4.27Mbps), Rwanda (3.74Mbps), Morocco (2.92Mbps) and Angola (2.89Mbps).

This is according to Ookla’s Net Index which uses data from the web based speed test service

The Ookla Net Index ranks consumer download speeds around the globe using results from the past 30 days where the average distance between the client and the test server is less than 300 miles.

According to the Net Index statistics, Lithuania had the highest average broadband speed at 33Mbps, followed by South Korea with 30Mbps and Sweden with 26Mbps.

The top 10 countries ranked by download speed are:

   1. Lithuania 32.61Mbps
   2. South Korea 30.15Mbps
   3. Sweden 26.09Mbps
   4. Romania 25.80 Mbps
   5. Latvia 25.23 Mbps
   6. Netherlands 24.60Mbps
   7. Macau 22.56Mbps
   8. Bulgaria 21.66Mbps
   9. Andorra 21.20Mbps
  10. Switzerland 20.89Mbps