South Africa: 8ta airtime available online with credit card


8ta has empowered their subscribers by enhancing their free self-service portal with the ability to purchase airtime and data bundles online via credit card.

According to Telkom Mobile Managing Executive, Amith Maharaj, this enhancement will facilitate online purchase of airtime and data bundles as and when subscribers need it, even when their airtime is depleted.

This functionality will improve the user experience for Prepaid and Hybrid (Saver) subscribers. 8ta subscribers need to register online and complete the SMS verification process on 8ta’s website here:

Logged in subscribers will not be charged to do the following:

* Review airtime balance

* Redeem vouchers for airtime

* Convert airtime to data bundles

* Review data bundles balances and expiry dates

* Credit Card top up using 3D secure technology

The portal is safe as 8ta has chosen 3-D secure as a key comfort factor for subscribers when disclosing their credit card details online. The 3-D secure system simply enables credit card holders to add a password over and above the usual credit card expiry and CVV three digit numbers. The platform caters for locally issued VISA and Mastercard users.

“If your credit card is not already 3-D verified, the 8ta portal will securely verify the 3-D secure password online. The normal credit card process can then be completed, even with no airtime on the account, as the credit card application is zero rated,” says Maharaj.

Over time the portal will be enhanced, based on subscriber feedback, market benchmarks and other developments in self-service technology.

To date 8ta has enabled automatic redirection of all data users when their data bundle is depleted. This key network ability enables subscribers to be in control of their communication spend with 8ta.

8ta subscribers can now further manage their airtime and data costs both on contract and prepaid products through the self-service portal.