EA entities lag behind in internet security matters


Dar es Salaam. A financial consultancy firm has said East African organisations lag behind peers in the continent in information security breach preparedness due to lack of awareness creation and training to employees on security matters. The 2011 East Africa Security Study Report compiled by Deloitte East Africa revealed organisations in the region responded to problems as they happened rather than working to prevent them from happening.

The Report was conducted on firms in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda across diverse industries.The increased usage of the Internet after the launch of the fibre optic undersea cable has also brought in more security threats.

Experts say that more than 30,000 new Internet security threats are detected daily, a trend that has increased drastically since 2007, when less than 20 threats were being detected. Mr Makatiani, Deloitte’s manager Enterprise Risk Services, noted that entities faced challenges with the demands for corporate IT environments through outsourcing and technologies like cloud computing.

He emphasized that although technology solutions were the most important piece in the security puzzle, failure to train people in physical as well as technical security left organisations vulnerable.He said those who leave workstations logged on or share passwords invited vulnerabilities.