Main One Signs Pioneer Consulting to Supervise Undersea Cable Project in West Africa

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Engineering and research company Pioneer Consulting has been appointed by Main One to supervise the design, engineering and implementation of the project. Phase one of the Main One undersea cable project which the company said has already commenced, is expected to connect Africa through Europe to the rest of the world. The first phase is 6,900 kilometers long and will extend from Portugal to Nigeria and Ghana respectively. The second phase is expected to extend by another 6,000 kilometers to South Africa.

Using Dense Wave Multiplexing technology of 1.92 Terabits per second with two fibre pairs, the Main One cable is designed to deliver more capacity to the region than any other existing or proposed undersea fibre projects.

In so doing, Main One cable is expected to enhance broadband access considerably in the region while lowering tariffs, providing open access to regional telecommunication operators and Internet service providers.

Managing Partner of Pioneer Consulting, Howard Kidorf, while expressing happiness over the deal, said "our team of experts is delighted at the opportunity to work with the team at Main One Cable Company. We are also pleased that Main One Cable Company recognized that Pioneer Consulting can deliver the comprehensive project management and engineering services that this project needs to be successful".

Also, Keith Schofield, Director of Submarine Networks at Pioneer Consulting and lead project manager stated that "Main One is progressing ahead of schedule with marine route survey activities underway and key licenses being confirmed. We have also undertaken a full contract review audit of the system supplier. Main One Cable Company and Pioneer Consulting are gearing up for the busy manufacturing schedule and construction of cable stations in both Nigeria and Ghana, to complement the Portuguese station already in place. Pioneer Consulting's long experience in submarine networks makes us the natural choice for soundly implemented projects."

Meanwhile, Main One Chief Executive Officer, Funke Opeke, noted that the company still remained very focused on ensuring that its deadlines are met and was very happy at the tremendous progress so far recorded.

She said: "We trust that on completion in May 2010, the Main One project will usher a new lease of life in international connectivity on the West African coast."