ArcellorMittal Has Unauthorised South African Radio Equipment Confiscated


South Africa's telecoms regulator, ICASA has sent staff into the offices owned by steel giant, ArcellorMittal in Pretoria West for illegal use of radio frequency spectrum. The regulator says that it initiated an investigation into the company about three weeks ago and an inspection on 24 November 2011. During the inspection, the company failed to produce licences for the radio equipment (repeaters, simplexes and telemetry systems; and mobile hand-held radios) that are currently being used.

The company was given 7-days written notice to pay an estimated R2m in licence fees for using the spectrum without authorization, and the notice expired on 01 December 2011.

In executing a warrant issued by the Pretoria Magistrate's Court, the Authority seized 5 repeaters and 6 mobile hand-held radios at the company's Pretoria West office and said that it will continue to visit other offices of the company in other parts of the country for continued seizure.