Tanzania: Brela Poised to Go Online


Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) has reiterated its commitment to improve business environment by introducing online registration that will further reduce the time needed for company and business name registrations.

This was said on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam by the BRELA's Intellectual Property (IP) registration officer Jubilate Muro as part of the commemoration of the 50 years of the independence anniversary held at the Mwalimu Nyerere Trade Fair Pavilion.

"Review of the Companies Act Cap. 212 is in the pipeline to enable recognition of online registration certificate issued by the BRELA," he said. Muro noted that the review will also reconsider checking of current registration fees.

Earlier, the BRELA Chief Executive Officer Esteriano Mahingila said the agency aims at improving and modernizing its services to enable it offer most of its services electronically by strengthening its Information and Communication Technology department.

Stating some of the successes BRELA has achieved by the 50th Anniversary of Independence marking, Mahingila noted that the agency is now capable of running its activities independently with exception of the Development activities funded by donor.

However he was confident that in the long run the agency will be able to fund its development projects on its own due to expansion of income collections from registration fees. Mahingila also talked about the change of service delivery procedures that has wiped out bureaucracy from an unspecific number of days to one to three days for business names registrations and three to five days for company registrations.

He noted that lack of coherent and clear step by step procedures to enable BRELA customers to access its services easily and in a friendly manner was one of the major handicaps for many potential entrepreneurs in the past but after mitigating the problem the agency now enjoys increased number of users of its services.