Internet News – In Brief


- The 28 and 29 November 2011, in collaboration with the Association of African Universities, a workshop took place in Abidjan. The workshop was attended by all partners in education and research, and has created the Ivorian Telecommunication Network for Education and Research (RITER). The workshop also identified the strategic directions of RITER and makes recommendations to the place of the Ivorian Government. Visit here to learn more.

- The South Sudan Democratic Forum have launched their official website in a conference hall which was predominately occupied by senior executive representatives from the same party. According to Andrea Joany, the Secretary General; this website shall be an official channel of communication for all current news, press releases and documentations of the party with the aim of enhancing political awareness, education and development.

- From Senegal, has re-launched. The site aims to provide quality information and encourage open forum for debate.