Nigeria: Counterfeit Software Hinders Effort to Curb Unfair Play - NCC


Last month, the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) raided the premises of Wisdom System Technologies Limited, a computer reseller located in Tinubu Square, Lagos Island following a consumer tip-off, an undercover test purchase and a subsequent petition to the local law enforcement authorities by Microsoft Corporation.

The raid is the latest in a series of enforcement activities by the NCC in recent months, aimed at curbing unfair play in the country, and addressing the harmful impact to individuals as well as the Nigerian economy caused by pirating software.

The issue of piracy was elevated to the global stage today as countries around the world observed Microsoft's inaugural 'Play Fair Day,' an initiative to educate consumers, businesses, and governments that the decision to utilize fake software is one that is not only dangerous to personal information, but dangerous to the economic landscape as well.