ICTs' contribution to Tunisia’s GDP set to reach 13% by end of 11th plan

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Minister of Communication Technologies El Hadj Gley announced that the share of the information and communication technologies (ICTs) sector in the GDP will exceed 13% by the end of the 11th Development Plan (2007-2011), compared with 10% presently.

The minister underlined, at the opening on Wednesday in Tunis of a seminar on "technological innovation and content production" held by the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), that Tunisia seeks to boost this sector so that it would become one of the most productive and highly employable sector in the country, notably for higher graduates.

He underlined that the presidential decisions taken on January 16, 2009 at the cabinet meeting devoted to the communication technologies sector development programme in the coming period aim to endow the sector with a capacity to create 10 thousand jobs a year for higher graduates. International studies showed that each direct job created in this sector helps create 3 to 4 indirect jobs and that the use of Internet and the generalisation of computer applications and communication networks in economic companies improve their productivity by 30%.

During this seminar, two papers were presented on the " role of civil society in boosting investment in ICTs" and "partnership between the public sector, the private sector and civil society and its role in boosting investment and making the most of digital opportunities."