Algeria: 3G to launch by end June 2012


According to the Algerian Minister of Post and ICT, Moussa Benhamadi, 3G will be launched in Algeria at the latest by the end of June 2012.

"We want 3G to be available to citizen on or before the end of the first half of 2012. We are working to make this deadline on time, "he told APS, adding that "Mobilis is working on strengthening and modernizing its current 2G network, but is preparing for 3G."

 A tender was launched last September 2011 by the Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications (ARPT) for granting the first license for third generation mobile telephony.

3G is capable of enabling network operators to offer subscribers a wider range of advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through increased bandwidth, transfer rates and spectral efficiency. 3G networks are intended to facilitate smart phone advanced capabilities such as higher data speed, enhanced audio and video streaming, video-conferencing, high speed Web and WAP, IPTV (TV through the Internet).