Eritrea: Postal Service offering Internet services

Digital Content

Along with the introduction of new information technology system to deliver and receive messages and packages, the National Postal Service is providing standard and speedy service, according to the Acting head of the Institution, Asmelash Gebreyesus.

He explained that the new system introduced last year has made vital contribution in controlling and following up messages and deliveries of packages through the internet, in addition to enabling beneficiaries to follow up the delivery of packages and messages.

Furthermore, the institution has launched a new website enabling beneficiaries follow up the activities, and that vigorous efforts are being made to satisfy customers.As regards lost items, Asmelash said that once the necessary enquiry is made, the owner would be compensated, and that the competition is worldwide.

Eritrean Postal Service was awarded a prize in 2005 from the Universal Postal Service and for the service provided in 2011 the Institution has already been selected as one of the best service providers. The winners would be made public in the first quarter of 2012, reports indicated.

Asmelash also pointed out that expanding postal service to remote areas, enhancing the services, and raising the income of the institution are some of the programs set for introduction in the future.