TMG Apps: Apps to transform everyday life

Digital Content

The duo of Omosa Muyiwa and Bolade Okeowo teamed up to form Me-Naissance Group Limited, the company responsible for TMG, a platform of applications specifically designed for the Nigerian user.

It all started with an idea Muyiwa had two years ago while listening to the keynote speech by Steve Jobs at the unveiling of the first iPad. "That was when I sort of fell in love with Apple as a company and what they stand for: challenging the status quo in whatever sector that they venture into," Muyiwa recalls. "The application idea felt true when I bought an iPad. I fell in love with apps, downloading, buying and browsing.

"This is our first product with the aim of improving the way we share and access information on the go. Our core objective as a company is to bridge the technology gap between Africa and the rest of the world. That's why we developed this platform to enable Nigerians all over the world live life effectively. Apps do really help a lot as we found out while living in the United Kingdom. There are apps for everything you do; that is the future of technology," Muyiwa explains.

"The apps are built in six unit services. We have Around You, TMG Messenger, Live Scores, Cinema, News and the ultimate Weekend Planner," he continues.

Bolade picks up the story: "Most apps run on different platforms in deference to all the operating systems of smartphones; the TMG app is no different. "We started with the Blackberry platform because in terms of smartphones it has the broadest user base of people connected to Internet service in Nigeria. At that time, the telecommunication providers provide internet service on just Blackberry without charging your credit. So it made more sense for us to start off on the Blackberry platform.

"Now they have started this package where you can use other smartphones and you pay a certain amount. This is available for iPhones and the rest. Now there is a market for other smartphones. So this was a pilot project for us to see how the market would respond to our investment. So we've sort of come to know all that is needed as we spent the last one year getting the feel of how the market is going to respond to us when we really make the apps available on the iPhone and other platforms."

On the difference between the world of TMG app and the other app environment or the normal Blackberry platform, Bolade explains: "The contents on our app world are strictly localised content. The contents are strategically placed there to target the Nigerian consumers and Africans in the Diaspora. We are making the move to make it an African thing by including Ghana and South Africa. If we didn't have point of interest in Nigeria, it's just any other app platform that people are trying to bring from the United States to Nigeria, but we have put that Nigerian content into it.