ETC Launches Bandwidth Upgrading Project to enrol 6.5 Million More Customers in Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) announced last Wednesday a bandwidth upgrading project that will allow it to take on 6.5 million more customers.

While conferring with local media on the corporation's performance assessment report at ETC's head office, Amare Amsalu, CEO of the Corporation, Zelalem Bekele, Chief Technical Director, and Abdurahim Ahmed, Communication Affairs Division Manager, divulged the finalization of imports of varied facilities that can enable customers nationwide to utilize them from any locality which are cost effective at the same time.

The CEO said that in addition to the existing 4000 km fibre network, an additional 2000 kms will be installed. He said this should avoid Internet outages due to vandalism in certain areas. Complementary wireless installations in all the service areas have also been operational and now are undergoing pilot-testing, according to Amare. About 670 weredas (provinces) will now have access to broadband services. He also said lack of mobile capacity, which has long plagued ETC, will be addressed.

To alleviate the problems related to the broadband Internet network connections, Amare and his colleagues informed the press that 155 mega bits of international capacity have been created through links with Sudan and Djibouti and an NGN network has been installed.

Updating ETC's poor call centre services has also been imperative, admitted Amare besides to contending that, in order to escalate ETC's present call centre to international standards and enable it to give appropriate services, a vast 750-seat modern call centre has already been built which is believed to entertain 16 million users at a time.

15,000 E-cards have also been imported to serve those who cannot always purchase a 25 birr voucher card which is the minimum price needed to make a call with a mobile phone.

With the provision of services for the previous year's 800,000 customers and this year's 639,074 new customers, the corporation has procured 3.38 billion financial revenue with a 1.065 billion net profit during the past fiscal year, added the CEO.

The Daily Monitor