Airtel Ghana launches 3.75G internet service


Internet users in the country now have the luxury of the fastest internet yet which is the 3. 75G service provided by Airtel Ghana.The telecom giant has upgraded its 3. 5G network to 3. 75G, the first to be launched by any internet and mobile network provider in the country.

In an interview with Citi Business News at the launch of the 3. 75G network, the Managing Director of Airtel Ghana, Philip Sowah, indicated that about 300 additional cell sites would be deployed across the country within the next three months to boost the accessibility of the high speed internet by its customers.

“What we have done is, since we have the 2G covering the whole of the country and the 3G in the key areas where the data traffic is a lot."But more importantly we will be increasing our 3G coverage by 50% so we are putting a number of cell sites across the country,” he said.