Kenya: Tech Gurus Caught Napping As 103 Websites Hacked


An Indonesian hacker has caught Kenya government tech gurus napping. In an unprecedented occurrence, an Indonesian hacker known as direxer has taken down 103 government of Kenya websites.

According to a Tuesday discussion on Kenya's online tech forum, Kictanet, the hacker is part of an online Indonesian security forum known as Forum Code Security and says he took down the websites following tutorials from the forum.

The news of the hacking was first exposed on the site, a forum on code security.

The title on the website read: "Joint Discussion -- Forum on Code Security".

"Such tutorials usually exploit programming errors in code, known as bugs, which have not been fixed. The hacker appears to have a website at though this has not been updated to reflect the hacking.

In a message in the forum, the hacker says:

show off by me...

thanks for tutorial in all...

i have exploit from cs web, and i attacking to server Government Kenya,,,, and then,,, success full... this is deface in this night...

The government has reportedly moved fast to take the affected websites offline through a Cyber Incidence Response Team (CIRT) based at the Communications Commission of Kenya.

The CIRT was formed to handle such situations and ensures Kenya's security in cyber space. In a comment, Vincent Ngundi who heads CIRT said: "We're on it. Thanks for the heads-up and comments" in Kenya's Security Forum where the news first broke.

The websites included those of various government ministries, departments and local authorities.

The government normally hosts several websites in one server at The Treasury thus compromising the server may expose several websites to a hacker.

The Administration Police website has been hacked several times in the recent past. At the same time, most of the websites hacked appear to have been running the Joomla Content Management system: