SpaceDSL brings the cost of broadband internet down across sub-Saharan Africa


SpaceDSL service from ‘Afrique Telecom’, enabling high-speed internet via satellite, was launched on 18th January, 2012 in Paris. It is available in 32 countries across Africa including Nigeria, Liberia and Ghana (see the full map here). The objective is to extend internet access especially in remote rural areas where there is no other broadband internet access alternatives, writes Sylvain Beletre.

The launch of SpaceDSL is a small revolution in the field of broadband internet access in Africa because it is more affordable than existing solutions and has no strings attached: its price structure is not based on a long term subscription but on pre-paid, pay-as-you-go options which can be stopped anytime and recharged via a dedicated and secured web portal from anywhere in the world.

It is "a mini-VSAT", said Philippe Tintignac - the CEO of Telecom Africa - during the press launch. In other words, SpaceDSL is a smaller satellite system with the qualities of larger models with "99% availability, high bandwidth, low cost, stand-alone DIY installation and no subscription" benefits. 
The complete SpaceDSL kit includes a 1 meter diameter metallic antenna, a sophisticated modem, 30 meters of protected cable, a ‘Point & Play’ device for self-installation and a 1 year guarantee with onsite and phone/email service. The dedicated web portal ( allows to purchase cards and refills.

Afrique Telecom has been established in Africa since 2005 and has set up around 700 V-sat stations in 22 countries across Africa. The company has a network of partners across Africa and is currently looking for more resellers.

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