Internet News - In Brief


- Airtel Zambia has announced the launch of the 3.75G upgraded internet broadband technology for the highest internet speed as it reduced internet service costs by 91 per cent, down to just K98 per megabyte (MB).

-  Telkom Kenya has introduced a cheaper unlimited Internet access tariff in an effort to curb the growing dominance of Safaricom in the mobile data market. The firm said yesterday it would charge its mobile Internet subscribers based on the period of use rather than data capacity with consumers paying Sh39 daily, Sh249 weekly and Sh990 monthly on their mobile phone. Those using 3G modems would be charged Sh990 and Sh2,990 weekly and monthly respectively. This has put Telkom Kenya in the same breath as Safaricom, which has used the unlimited pricing structure to gain marketshare.

- Google Ghana has launched “Africa, Get Your Business Online”, an initiative to bring most Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) online in the next two years.The initiative is expected to transform the Ghanaian SME landscape and contribute to the country’s fast-paced economic growth by making it quick, easy and free for businesses to register an online, at a time when more and more Ghanaians are accessing the internet.