Internet News - In Brief


- The interim government of Somalia has applied to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) seeking to regain control of the .so domain. The government approached the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for help in regaining control of the domain. As the ITU does not run the registries, the organization has enlisted Jim Reid, founder of RTFM, to help Somalia transfer control of the domain to its Telecommunications Ministry.

- The Nigerian Communications Satellite (NigComSat) Limited, has developed a solution to check the incidence of ghost workers widespread in organizations and assist human resources managers to strengthen their staff performance. The solution is a web based clocking machine that has the capacity to help organisations manage their human resources online.

-Two experts from the James Mintz Group (JMG) have arrived in Liberia to help the committee investigating Willis Knuckles, former minister of state for presidential affairs, for alleged bribery, which was exposed by an e-mail exchange. The chain of e-mails, branded as Knucklesgate, was obtained and published by Liberian Web magazine FrontPageAfrica in August. The e-mails suggested corrupt practices at the highest level of the Liberian government.

- The choice of financial instruments available to South African investors continues to grow, with the Bond Exchange of SA (Besa) announcing a joint venture with Market Tech to roll out Africa's first online binary options exchange, A binary option is a financial bet which pays out a finite amount.

- The Council of Government of Algeria endorsed a draft bill on the specific rules for the prevention and fight against infringements relating to information and communication technologies (ICTs), and providing for the creation of a body in charge of countering cyber-criminality.

- The campaign to demand that the South Africa’s Independent Electoral Commission makes its website available to all Internet users gained momentum today with the launch of the No Firefox! No Vote!” campaign. The campaign, launched by well-known open source advocate Karl Fischer, is urging Internet users to email or fax IEC chief information officer Libisi Maphanga, to demand that the organisation make its website available to all users. The website currently denies access to users of non-Internet Explorer browsers.

- Microsoft and Google announced that they were adopting and integrating OpenID, the open standard single sign-on system for Internet websites. Microsoft was adopting the OpenID framework for its Windows Live project and that soon all Windows Live users would be able to use their Live ID to login to OpenID-enabled sites.