AMOS-5 Communications Satellite Begins Commercial Operations


Spacecom operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, announced last week that its AMOS-5 satellite is commercially operational. The company announced this, after the satellite successfully completed In Orbit Testing.

AMOS-5’s C-band and Ku-band payload includes high-power 14x72 MHz and
4x36 MHz C-band transponders that combined with 18x72 MHz Ku-band
transponders enable it to be a prime carrier of African satellite
communications traffic in both broadcast and data services in the
years to come. AMOS-5’s pan African C-band covers the entire continent
while its three Ku-band beams bring connectivity to the continent’s
fastest growing regions: Francophone, Central and Southern Africa.

“AMOS-5’s commercial operations propel Spacecom into a new era,
further turning us into a multi-regional satellite operator,” stated
Spacecom president and CEO David Pollack. “Africa is an exciting
market with growth in broadcast, telecom, mobile and data markets.
AMOS-5’s comprehensive and quality solution will not only be an
important element enabling Africa’s communications growth but also an
important factor in Spacecom’s future.”

Prior to launch, Spacecom pre-sold over 50 percent of AMOS-5 capacity
to a variety of customers, including broadcasters, telecom providers,
communications companies and government agencies.