Mututho beats anonymous callers to their game with law


Kenyan MP John Mututho better known for his tough stance on alcohol— is proposing a monumental change to the country’s Information and Communications Act to eradicate the mystery behind those who hide their call identity.

The proposed amendment says: “A licensed telecommunications operator shall, upon request by a subscriber or lawful agent, disclose the identity, address, location and other prescribed particulars of any subscriber to its telecommunications service from whose line, a telephone call or other mode of telecommunication has been made to the requesting subscriber.”

This means that if you should want to know exactly who has made an anonymous call to your line, if this amendment is passed, you will simply march to the nearest outlet of your mobile provider and get the caller’s details. Should the mobile operator not give the aggrieved caller this information, they stand to lose up to Sh500,000 in fines or face imprisonment.