Benin is disconnected from the Internet for two weeks


For nearly two weeks, Benin has been totally cut off from the global village. The Internet circuits does not work. It is therefore impossible to navigate and access any information on the web.

According to officials of the technical team of Benin Telecom, approached last week, the cause of this failure experienced in Benin for weeks, was the burning of the gearbox.  Much of the equipment that allow the spread of Internet communication placed in the international transmission site were destroyed in a fire that occurred two weeks ago.

Around 17:00 PM on the 7th January, the room that houses the SAT3 landing station caught fire. According Benin Telecom, this outage also affects Togo, Niger, and Burkina Faso also linked to the international circuits of Benin.

According to Benin Telecom, the country does not have at the moment, spare parts to restore the connection.

“We therefore need time to get these parts”. Finding a temporary solution is therefore essential. And that's one reason why Benin has started days ago negotiations with Nigeria and Ivory Coast in order to connect the to their landing stations.”

However, it seems that things have improved, because since the 14th of January, the connection, albeit slowly, took over and it is reasonable to think that the steps put forward to the satisfaction of end users.

In almost all the banks in the city of Cotonou, access to the Internet is impossible. The customer cannot be satisfied in any way. It is very difficult for him to send or receive money in his bank account.

At the agency of Western Union in Godomey district, no more customers because there is simply no access to the Internet. A situation that favors neither the customer nor the staff.

An officer of this financial institution that has been approached tells us "Since one week, we have no Internet. And that causes us a lot of trouble because without the connection, there is no validation of any transaction”. That same situation prevails at the agency of Ecobank on the campus of the university of Abomey Calavi. Many customers, with desolation on their faces, say "We do not understand how it would be so difficult to recover its own money”. “In what country are we living ?" launches a client. It is obvious that in front of this failure of the Internet, people are helpless. So Benin Telecom is urged to find in the coming days a way to quickly resolve this sad situation.

"It's very difficult for us to work under these conditions. Since the Internet is allowing us to achieve a good turnover, " said a manager of cybercafé located in Abomey Calavi. So it must be recognized that this taints also the business world. A lot of cyber know busiest. Internet users have deserted the place, only the typists work. Most people interviewed in some cyber disapprove this malfunction. "Since the Internet is broken, I see my interests fallen. It's as if I was cut off from the world and that nothing goes in my life ", according to a regular Internet user. For Penelope, head of one advertising agency in Cotonou, thanks to the Internet she can communicate with partners and find markets for her company. But since this connection problem arises, she met many difficulties in her business. It is clear that for each other, the disconnection of the Internet cause many annoyances.