Microsoft Partners with British Council to Promote Digital Schools in Africa


Microsoft is to partner the British Council in a programme aimed at rolling out a comprehensive Africa Digital Schools Project covering six countries in Africa.

Dubbed “Badiliko,” a Swahili word for change, the project will transform learning in African schools and ensure both teachers and students reap from a windfall associated with digital literacy.

Both Microsoft and the British Council have each contributed $ 1million alongside technical expertise to accelerate the implementation of this innovative project that seeks to embed ICT in learning.

Officials stressed that the Africa Digital Schools Project will enrich e-learning while improving ICT skills among teachers and students to boost their competitiveness in a global village.

The $ 2 million seed money availed by both Microsoft and British Council will be spent on establishment of eighty digital hubs across the six sub-Saharan countries.

Over 20,000 school leaders and teachers will be trained on basic ICT skills and how to apply them in the curriculum.

It is hoped that 100,000 learners will be availed with digital tools which they will utilize to boost academic work and social skills that benefit the wider community.

The Africa Digital Schools project borrows heavily from previous pilot programs funded by both Microsoft and British Council to promote e-learning in African schools.