Ghana - Glo hails number reservation a success but no launch date


Glo Ghana boss, George Andah has disclosed exclusively to Adom Business News that the 023-3 number reservation campaign has been successful, creating the opportunity to open up another block of numbers beginning with 023-5 to enable more people reserve special numbers ahead of commercial launch. However, the company has still to set a launch date for its service.

“023-3 has been successful – majority of those numbers have already been reserved but we also have our ears on the ground and a lot of people are telling us that the special numbers they wanted have already been reserved and that is why we have opened up the 023-5 block to give those people the opportunity to do so,” he said.

The “Reserve Your Number Campaign” allowed some one million Ghanaians to text a special number beginning with 023-3 plus one’s own choice of six digits, to 0230010100 and reserve that special number until commercial service begins.

Prior to the Glo ‘Reserve Your Number Campaign’ launch, some telecom bosses said the market was not ready for the new entrant; but George Andah responded and said “if competition is not ready for us, Ghanaians are.”

George repeated his strong statement saying “we said the customers were ready for Glo and this active participation is testimony to that.”

But George Andah stopped short of saying when exactly Glo will be doing its commercial launch since the 023-3 has been successful.