GilatSatcom’s SuricatePRO Connects IridiumUsers in Underground, Closed and Remote Facilities


GilatSatcom, a provider of domestic and international fiber and satellite-based connectivity services in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, has announced that it has released to market SuricatePRO, a communication solution that provides people in underground and other closed facilities with the ability to communicate over Iridium satellite phones. Providing coverage extension for Iridium devices, SuricatePRO extends telephony throughout the facility without loss of signal quality.

SuricatePRO is the perfect solution for using Iridium devices without sky view. Satphone users in mines, secure military installations, underground facilities and remote locations without sky view can quickly set up a SuricatePRO communication link that enables seamless communication with the Iridium satellite constellation.

GilatSatcom’s Mobile Satellite Director, Ami Schneider, declared, “With SuricatePRO, we delivertelephone communication to formerly impossible-to-reach locations and secure facilities. Now, after only a very simple installation of small, lightweight equipment, Iridium subscribers can gain reliable access to the Iridium network.”

SuricatePRO takes advantage of Foxcom’s leading RF-over-fiber technology. To enjoy the benefits of SuricatePRO, customers need only to install outdoor and indoor units connected via fiber (up to 3 km). Immediately, Iridium satphone users in the room can access the Iridium constellation as if they had clear sky view.JackHotz, Foxcom’s CEO, stated, “SuricatePRO takes advantage of our innovative fiber-based solutions. This new product provides customers with an easily installable, complete solution to satphone telephony from challenging and even otherwise-impossible circumstances.”