Telecoms News - In Brief


- Algeria’s dominant communications provider, state-owned Algerie Telecom, is expanding its relationship with satellite operator Eutelsat under a new five-year contract. The deal will see the Algerians lease 47MHz of capacity on Eutelsat’s Atlantic Bird 7 satellite, which offers coverage of the entire territory of Algeria. Algerie Telecom already uses five 36MHz transponders on Eutelsat’s Atlantic Bird 3 platform.

- Kenya - A mobile phone recovered from one of the security guards charged with the theft of Sh54 million from Barclays Bank Eastleigh branch has helped the police to find some of the loot. The phone, which allegedly belongs to a fiancee of one of the guards, revealed communication between bank staff, the security guards and JamerKinyua, 25, in whose house in Gatundu police recovered Sh3 million over the weekend.